Well, today was difficult. I was exhausted so I only burnt like 50 calories at the gym and didn’t do any other exercises, including walking from OS. It was too hot and I was too weak. Ugh fuck this fuck this fuck this.

Breakfast – fat free yoghurt (99)

Snack – kit kat chocolate (107)

Lunch – an apple (80)

Dinner – salad with frankfurters (171)

Water – 2.5L

Total calories consumed = 457

Ehh I’m hungry. I really want to eat something fuck. It’s only day two though, so I can’t fuck up now.

Must. Not. Give. In.


I can’t believe how bad I’ve been with the diet! I’m not going to give up though, and today was the start of another attempt to lose weight. This time, I’m going to use the ABC diet. It works, and it’s not too hard to follow. Plus it adds structure to my daily eating which is exactly what I need.

So, today was the first day, and I have had:

– Haribo cherry (32)

– Chocolate (99)

– An apple (80)

That means my total so far is 211 calories.

For dinner I plan to have Activia fat free yoghurt which is only 99 calories and a small-ish banana, which is probably something like 110 calories. So my total by the end of today should be 420 calories. That’s okay.

In terms of exercise, I only burnt 150 calories at the gym, but I walked from OS and did 50 sit ups. I’ve also drank 2L of water already. I’ll do the rest of my exercise before I go to bed.

I’m hoping to make it 2.5L by the end of today.

Today has been good so far. I really have to do this. I might post some thinspo or something later, just to get myself into gear.