Me: Wow I’ve got such a muscular arms

Him: Hahaha because you’ve been going to the gym?

Me: No they’ve always been like this

Him: I don’t even know why you go to the gym, you really don’t need to

Me: What? Of course I do

Him: Noo you actually don’t, it doesn’t make sense

Me: Hahah what do you mean?

Him: You’re too skinny to be going to the gym (best compliment!)

Me: Don’t say that! (only because it’s not true)

Him: Hahaha not in a bad way, you’re not fat (aww he thought I was offended)

Me: Hmmm…


New goals and rewards

March 26, 2012

130lbs / 59kg – no rewards

125lbs / 57kg – new earrings

120lbs / 54kg – pretty new bikini

115lbs / 52kg – belly button piercing

Chest bones

March 26, 2012

Chest bones

Wow perfect

March 26, 2012

Wow perfect

The weather is beautiful today; summer is here, it seems, which is more motivation than ever. I’m not too sure how to feel about today. Good food-wise, not so good exercise wise. I’m also on my period so I’m horribly bloated and just urrgh.

Intake so far:

B – boiled egg whites (17)

L – half an apple (40)

S – diet coke cherry (5)

D – to be had

= 62 calories

I’m not too sure what I’ll have for dinner. I still have 38 calories left until I hit the 100 calorie limit so I will probably have a small bowl of shredded carrots with sweetcorn (~35) and call it a day.


I didn’t wake up at 5:30 as planned to go for my morning run – I couldn’t muster up the motivation and was frankly too tired after staying up all night talking to my boyfriend. However, at lunchtime I did go to the school gym for the first time since transferring to the school. It’s so shit! I was terribly disappointed – a lot of the equipment is broken or near breaking point, and the gym itself is small and poorly ventilated. On top of that, there isn’t an elliptical machine, or even mats to do sit ups on. I only managed to burn about 100 calories, which is practically nothing. Then I was too tired after school to walk all the way from AG, so I opted for the much shorter walk from OG. Uggh I’m such a lazy, stupid failure.

Later on today, when everyone is asleep, I’m going to do some more workouts on the Wii because my effort today has been abysmal.

New beginnings

March 25, 2012

I’m starting a new, stricter diet from tomorrow. I will only allow myself to consume 100 calories or less, from the list below.

Allowed foods/drinks:

– all fruits (ex. bananas)

– all vegetables

– fruit ice lollies

– rice cakes

– low fat yogurt

– egg whites

– green tea

– diet drinks

– chewing gum

– sugar free jelly

I’ll also be sticking rigidly to my new exercise regime, and this will go on for 20 days. I won’t be weighing myself during this time.

Tiny waist

March 25, 2012

Tiny waist

Skinny little legs

March 25, 2012

Skinny little legs

Fat fat fatty

March 25, 2012

My mum’s been busy fussing over my sister who’s recently became a vegetarian for lent and as a result has been eating less (I’m sure that’s why she stopped eating meat, so she could lose weight) which for some reason motivated me not to eat.

From tomorrow I’m starting a fast. I’m not sure how long it’ll go on for, hopefully I can make it to a week but we’ll see.

I’ve noticed I have new followers which, of course, is always nice 🙂

Ciao lovelies x