Not there yet, but closer than yesterday

May 22, 2012

Today has been alright in relation to eating, but not in terms of my history exam – I positively failed those stupid timed essays. However, I stuck to my 500 calorie limit and will do the same tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Maybe by then I’ll be able to fit into those new jeans that are a size too small, who knows…

Today’s intake:

B – four slices of melba toast (52) w/ low fat cheese (25) boiled egg whites (17) and tea (15)

L – a small tin of sweetcorn (88)

S – two ice lollies (68) an apple (60) and diet coke (2)

D – turkey breast (112) w/ sweetcorn (35)

= 474 calories

The weather is so beautiful today; soon summer will really arrive and everyone will gear up in tiny little shorts and pretty crop tops. I dread to think when the time comes I will still be a fat, bulging, disgusting monster.


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