Today’s intake

November 11, 2012

Today's intake

I went food shopping today and found these yummy little beauties – full ready meals for less than 300 calories a bowl. Not only that, but it was on offer, 3 for only £3 so I bought a variety of different meals. One of them was a beef lasagne (as pictured), and the other two was a chicken curry and chilli con carne with rice. Yum.

My intake today was:

B – two belvita breakfast biscuits (116) a small banana (60) and tea (15)
L – chilli con carne with rice (284)
S – medium orange (55)
D – yet to be decided

I’m keeping my calorie intake below 700 calories from now on, which is an increase from the usual 500 but I’ve noticed it’s a lot more difficult to get through the school day on only 500 calories.


2 Responses to “Today’s intake”

  1. Apple said

    I’m so happy you found these too. I LOVE them and tend to live off of them. They’re ALWAYS on offer in Iceland, 3 for £3 ALWAYS. Nom nom nom!

    • Yes! That’s where I bought them and wow aren’t they delicious. It’s so filling too! I drank plenty of iced water between bites and I could barely walk after, that’s how full I was.

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