Today’s intake

May 21, 2012

This afternoon I had a politics exam and… Well, I don’t really want to comment on how I did because only the results will tell, but I’m really hoping I managed to get an A even though I couldn’t really finish and wasn’t able to write as much as I had intended.

Anyway, all that is school stuff and completely unrelated to this entry title. My intake today hasn’t been too bad (in fact it’s much less than I expected it would be) but I still haven’t incorporated any exercise as I’ve been meaning to. I will probably do a bit of dancing on the Wii before going to sleep tonight.

B – four slices of melba toast (52) w/ low fat cheese (25) an egg white (17) and tea w/ a teaspoon of brown sugar (15)

L – tomato soup (76) w/ two slices of melba toast (26)

S – medium apple (60)  two fruit ice lollies (48) and diet coke (1)

D – one medium orange (62)

= 402 calories

Not bad, eh? I’m really confused about how it’s so low – for some reason I was expecting it to be much higher. I suppose those couple of hours in the exam hall scribbling the answers to the politics questions took a good chunk out of my day. I was conscious to make sure my breakfast was the largest part of my calorific intake (109 calories in total) so I was fully energised for the exam and wasn’t constantly thinking about all the delicious foods I’m craving.

On Friday I may sign up for a gym membership with one of my friends. We’ll call her N for the purpose of anonymity on this blog. Hello, competition…


Me: Wow I’ve got such a muscular arms

Him: Hahaha because you’ve been going to the gym?

Me: No they’ve always been like this

Him: I don’t even know why you go to the gym, you really don’t need to

Me: What? Of course I do

Him: Noo you actually don’t, it doesn’t make sense

Me: Hahah what do you mean?

Him: You’re too skinny to be going to the gym (best compliment!)

Me: Don’t say that! (only because it’s not true)

Him: Hahaha not in a bad way, you’re not fat (aww he thought I was offended)

Me: Hmmm…