Today’s intake

July 7, 2014

Breakfast: 4 rich tea biscuits (152) and yoghurt (40)

Lunch: thai gren curry with 1/4 potato and mixed vegetables (200)

Snacks: 10 cherries (40) go ahead snack bar (148) 1 biscuit (55)

Dinner: 1 small corn on the cob (98) and tea (15)

= 748 calories



Today has been great so far, food wise. On New Years I decided that I wanted 2013 to be the year I finally reached my goal of losing weight and eventually finding happiness in myself and my body. In order for this to happen, it dawned on me that I would therefore need to adopt a more healthier approach to dieting which includes several changes that I began today (a week late, but I needed time to adjust and get back into a normal routine after the Christmas break!).

These are the changes: – an increased calorie intake limit of 1000 calories – more fruit and vegetables incorporated – making an effort to walk more daily – increasing the amount of water consumed – stressing less about calorie content – allowing myself healthy and yummy snacks – sticking to a bedroom exercise routine I’m really pleased with my choices to be more healthy and give my body what it wants and needs, rather than denying it of certain nutrients for the sake of losing weight, only to stuff my face later on and feel crappy. I want this to be a lifestyle change, mot a quick-fix, crash diet.

Here is what I have eaten so far today, and what I plan to have for dinner in a couple of hours:

B – two honey and oats belvita breakfast biscuits (58)
S – a medium apple (60)
L – rice and chilli con carne (284) with vegetables (30)
S – one raisin brunch bar (150)
D – two wholemeal toasts (210) with peanut butter (68) and banana slices (90)
= 900 calories

I have a really great feeling about 2013.

Today’s intake

September 14, 2012

B – belvita breakfast biscuit (58) and tea (15)

S – raisins (42) and diet coke (1)

L – sushi snack box (165)

D – turkey (53), sweetcorn (63) w/ gravy (15)

= 412 calories

I tried my best, but I really can’t. It’s horrible and I have such a terrible pain in my stomach that I just can’t shake. It may be because I’m about to start my period, I don’t know.

Anyway, that means my calorie intake today is not 271.

271 – (76 / 2) = 233 calories

Today has been successful in terms of eating, which is usual when I’m on day one of getting back on track. In terms of exercise, I’ve been pretty pathetic (which, sadly, is always completely usual) despite my earlier promises of making an effort. Someone needs to give me a massive kick up the bum. I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers, haha.

Anyway, my intake:

B – nothing, I woke up late (0)

L – potatoes (48), sweetcorn (28) w/ gravy (15)

S – diet coke (1), marshmallows (50), tea w/ brown sugar (15), ice lolly (14)

D – tomato soup (76), two slices of melba toast (24)

= 271 calories

At the moment, I am struggling through a tin of Weight watchers tomato soup. It’s cold now and I can’t bring myself to eat any more, but I have to because I know I will be hungry in an hour but won’t be allowed to eat anything else. Aahhhh. If anyone wants to come here and help me polish off this 76 calorie soup, be my guest!

I have high hopes for tomorrow.

Today in a nutshell

July 22, 2012

Woah, I just noticed I’ve had a random influx of viewers! Where have you all come from? It’s good to know I’m not just writing all this to myself, though I never expected anyone would ever read this blog.

Today hasn’t been so bad I guess – my only regret is eating an extra nectarine and not doing any exercise, but it could have been much worse, right? I really need to stop being such a lazy fat arse though and start doing even just a tiny bit of exercise. Seriously. I also need to start doing sit ups every night (at least 50 a night) because my stomach so horribly fat. It’s so depressing thinking back to the times when I didn’t need to do any sort of exercise yet still managed to maintain a perfectly toned stomach.

Anyway, here is today’s intake:

B – medium nectarine (62) with a glass of ice water (0)

L – tea w/ brown sugar (15) and two biscuits (76)

S – a small box of raisins (43) and a can of diet coke (1)

D – medium banana (105) and a nectarine (62)

= 364 calories

That’s not too bad, but I can’t help feeling guilty for eating that extra nectarine after the banana. I really didn’t need it; I’m just so bloody greedy and fat fat fat. Everything I’ve eaten today has been little snacks. I haven’t had any proper meals because I couldn’t find anything low calorie to make in my house, which meant I just grazed on anything I could find that I deemed healthy enough. Eh.

Tomorrow I’m going to take a walk to the shopping centre to look for new shoes – I usually take the bus there but I figured walking would be a good way to get some exercise in – even though I don’t currently have enough money to actually buy any. I’m also going to go grocery shopping for enough food to last me a week, and not just snacks like today but actual meals. Those of you who are familiar with my blog with know that shopping for food is awkward for me as I still live with my family since I’m not old enough to live alone. This means I’m forced to hide anything I buy in stupid places like among my clothes… FUN! Apart from this I do really enjoy food shopping.

On a completely different note, I’m back with my boyfriend. We’ve actually been on and off since we got back together and I completely hate it. I’ve never wanted to be in this sort of relationship; I hate feeling so unsafe and like we’re going to split up any second.

I’m feeling fairly positive for tomorrow, despite it all.

Yesterday’s intake

June 19, 2012

I didn’t have a change to log on here yesterday to record my intake (or the day before, for that matter, but it seems too late to write it down now – it was around 500 calories for those who are interested) so I’m going to write it here before I dash off to school:

B – boiled egg white (17) and medium apple (45)

L – orange melon (50)

S – mini pretzels (95), one small tangerine (23), some bread (50), diet coke (1)

D – tomato soup (76) w/ two slices of melba toast (26)

= 383 calories

Considering I have recently increased my calorie limit to 600, eating only 383 calories in a day seems like nothing. I won’t lie though, I feel pretty proud of myself. Here’s to another great day and reaching goals!

Back at school

June 11, 2012

Today was rainy, tiring and extremely miserable; I always dread the first day back at school after a few weeks away from it all. To make the day even more depressing, my boyfriend and I have fallen out and now he won’t speak to me. Great.

I have been thinking more and more about self harm: looking through old photos of my fresh cuts, and scrolling through pictures of other people’s cuts. I can not let myself get back into that, though recently it has become increasingly tempting… So far I’ve managed to stay away (partly because all razors have been hidden away from my reach by my family) but if this frame of mind continues and the urge gets stronger, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold off.

In terms of eating though, today has been pretty successful. I decided earlier that I would change my eating habits and my attitudes towards eating. Rather than restricting to as little as possible and inevitably bingeing later on, I’ve decided to start trying to listen to my body, eating only when I’m hungry and making healthy choices, rather than depriving myself of food. I’m also thinking of changing my daily calorie limit – at the moment it is only 500 calories but I may increase it to 700, or thereabouts.

Today’s intake:

B – four slices of melba toast (52) w/ light cheese (25) and an egg white (17)

L – sushi snack pack (140) w/ soy sauce (20)

S – medium apple (60) and two ice lollies (34)

D – tomato soup (76) w/ two slices of melba toast (26)

= 450 calories

I’m surprised it’s so little; I was expecting to be well over 500 calories because of that sushi (which I ended up regretting even though I tried to will myself not to) but all’s well it seems. I still haven’t started a steady exercise regime and stuck to it. That needs to change!

Today has been alright in relation to eating, but not in terms of my history exam – I positively failed those stupid timed essays. However, I stuck to my 500 calorie limit and will do the same tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Maybe by then I’ll be able to fit into those new jeans that are a size too small, who knows…

Today’s intake:

B – four slices of melba toast (52) w/ low fat cheese (25) boiled egg whites (17) and tea (15)

L – a small tin of sweetcorn (88)

S – two ice lollies (68) an apple (60) and diet coke (2)

D – turkey breast (112) w/ sweetcorn (35)

= 474 calories

The weather is so beautiful today; soon summer will really arrive and everyone will gear up in tiny little shorts and pretty crop tops. I dread to think when the time comes I will still be a fat, bulging, disgusting monster.

Today’s intake

May 21, 2012

This afternoon I had a politics exam and… Well, I don’t really want to comment on how I did because only the results will tell, but I’m really hoping I managed to get an A even though I couldn’t really finish and wasn’t able to write as much as I had intended.

Anyway, all that is school stuff and completely unrelated to this entry title. My intake today hasn’t been too bad (in fact it’s much less than I expected it would be) but I still haven’t incorporated any exercise as I’ve been meaning to. I will probably do a bit of dancing on the Wii before going to sleep tonight.

B – four slices of melba toast (52) w/ low fat cheese (25) an egg white (17) and tea w/ a teaspoon of brown sugar (15)

L – tomato soup (76) w/ two slices of melba toast (26)

S – medium apple (60)  two fruit ice lollies (48) and diet coke (1)

D – one medium orange (62)

= 402 calories

Not bad, eh? I’m really confused about how it’s so low – for some reason I was expecting it to be much higher. I suppose those couple of hours in the exam hall scribbling the answers to the politics questions took a good chunk out of my day. I was conscious to make sure my breakfast was the largest part of my calorific intake (109 calories in total) so I was fully energised for the exam and wasn’t constantly thinking about all the delicious foods I’m craving.

On Friday I may sign up for a gym membership with one of my friends. We’ll call her N for the purpose of anonymity on this blog. Hello, competition…